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mopar auto partsOEM mopar parts are the best option for replacing your defective auto parts because they are based on the original equipment of your vehicle. Mopar is the term coined in the 1920s by the Chrysler corporation, the main manufacturer of auto parts, and the name brings up images of muscle cars like Dodge, Plymouth and the line of Chrysler itself. Mopar products are categorized according to usage and the categories are aptly named Speed (for race cars), Muscle (for two-door, American Muscle cars), Street (for every car type), and Trail (for off-road trucks). Jeep was added to the line in 1987 after Chrysler bought out American Motors providing Jeep owners with the same quality and sterling service given to all Chrysler vehicle owners and adding another category to the types of parts made by Chrysler.

If you were in need of medical care wouldn’t you want the best you could get? Wouldn’t you be willing to pay for it especially if it meant not only improving the quality of life but also prolonging your lifespan? Since the OEM parts are made to the exact specifications of your vehicle, they are higher in quality and durability than the aftermarket parts available on the market today. Aftermarket parts are designed to be used on a wide variety of vehicles not just on a specific make, model or year like OEM parts. This means the mechanic needs to do a lot of tweaking to make sure the parts will fit the vehicle they are going on. This tweaking can lead to damage not only to the aftermarket parts but to the parts they are not correctly fitted to. This is not ideal if you want your vehicle to last and not have to replace the engine before you want to.

There are a range of websites that offer an up-to-date online catalog of not just mopar parts at wholesale prices but also accessories for the entire line of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles for the ease of their online customers. With the added benefit of a toll free number, a tech section and a vehicle finder in case you’re not sure what you need or want, this site is ideal for all your mopar parts purchasing needs. This site is the best place to get your parts since they buy direct from Chrysler. Being a wholesale dealer means the customer will get the best quality OEM mopar products for a discount  on the market today.

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